Erbil International Book Fair

Erbil International Book Fair

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ErbilInternational Book Fair is honored to invite you to participate in this fair organized by AlMada group for Media,

Erbil International Book Fair is honored to invite you to participate in this fair organized by AlMada group for Media,

Culture and Arts, from 8th of April till the 18th of April 2020 at Baghdad International fair grounds in AlMansour district.


Fair Objectives:

The fair aims to reinstate the value of culture as a movement for raising awareness and development, emphasizing the function of fair books.

To change the fair book into an event through which cultural authorities restore their role and impact through publications or activities that facilitate the easy movement of books in diverse directions.

To encourage publishers and cultural organizations  to expand the movement of publishing, and  translating to keep pace with the progress made worldwide, through the involvement of intellectuals and writers, and setting up of programs that would cover all changing and developing fields.

To secure holding dialogues and meetings between publishers and readers; between the latter and officials in culture and education with the view of expanding  the circle of reading and publication.


To achieve an integrated form of cooperation between publishers and entities concerned with culture and writers in order to provide resources and determine requirements by creating the largest possible number of outlets in each Arab country. This action will facilitate and expand the base of book distribution; support the role of the book in spreading knowledge and social progress.


The fair provides a platform for interaction and networking among creative intellectuals, scientists, artists, and consumers of their innovative products.

To launch various initiatives including cultural clubs, teams and houses to deepen the traditions of reading.

To strengthen mutual trust and communication among different publishing houses and cultural and education organizations.


Each establishment that wishes to take part in the book fair, please fill the form with clear and specific way, to be sent to the organizing committee through the fair’s website no later than 1 March 2020.

Participation, either direct or through Authorizing other entities following the specifying forms to it.

All participating publishers have to send a list of their releases through 2019 to the committee for censorship.

All Clients seeking Authorizing to other entities please follow the specialized forms in no later than 1 March which is available in both Arabic and English languages.

Each establishment that wishes to take part in the book fair can transfer the fees on their stands according to the rates and spaces, equal to their values, provided that the leased space shall not be less than 12 square meters, at a rate of $100 per square meter.


First: Services provided for each 12 m space.

-    Shelves: 4

-    Table: 1

-    Projector: 3

-    Wireless Internet.

-    Waste paper basket.

-    Publisher’s signboard


Second: Services provided by the administration of the fair to the publishers

-    Information desk

-    Cafeteria and buffet during working hours.

-    Multipurpose rooms for seminars and book signing ceremonies

-    The fair opens at 10am to 10pm

-    The organizing company will facilitate hotel bookings in Erbil



Fees and any other amounts shall be paid in cash or by cheque in a bank transfer to

AlMada for Media, Culture and Arts

Fransa Bank. S.A.L


IBAN: LB23000100057511750400103101




Each establishment that wishes to take part in the book fair, can ship 8 packages for 1 meter, in case of the numbers exceeds, the entity will have to pay 20 USD on each additional package.

Entities should commit to ship with the shipping company the fair choses, otherwise the fair will apologize to receive the shipment.



  • 12 - 24 Meters 2 visas.
  • 30 - 36 Meters 3 visas
  • 40 - 96 Meters 4 visas

Additional fees will be subjected to each additional visa of 50 USD per visa, and 25 USD per each change requested on the visa.

Additional visa is permitted to the client authorizing their publishing to others, and have paid the fees.



Number of permitted authorizations is 2 for each publishing house, 200 USD for the first Authorizing and another 300 USD for the second authorization.

Each book doesn’t belong to the publishing house would request an authorization in order to be sold.

Foreign publishing houses has the right to authorize one entity or more (Arabs or Foreigners), while Arab Polishers cam authorize only one.

Authorizations is subjected only to the forms available on the website, no later than 15 October.



Notes from the organizing committee:

  • Committing to the formal prices and giving discounts not less than 25%.
  • It is forbidding to inter tables, stands and etc… from outside the fair.
  • Committing to the timelines of the fair administration (Participant dates, shipment, visas, books lists) , apologetically we will neglect any late documents.
  • Participating request will be annulled if fees isn’t paid.

Wings closed:

  • If books is under forbid standers of sectarian enhancement between the Iraqi people and Arab pan and regional.
  • Exceeding the specified and paid area for the wing.
  • Stickers and writing on the frontal wing area.

Wing is not fully prepared on the day of the opening.




For any information or request we are available at:

Email:[email protected]

[email protected]

Tele: 00964 7702799999

Organizer : AlMada group for Media, Culture and Arts