AlMada Book Fair, is as far as the horizon (AlMAda)

AlMada Book Fair, is as far as the horizon (AlMAda)

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  • 2019/08/24 08:13:03 م
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Ibrahim AlKhayat

AlMada Book Fair (Erbil International Book Fair) to be in Baghdad during April 2020, this carries more than one message.

Politically this fair reveals clearly the security and safeness is all over Iraq now, not just Kurdistan is an oasis of secureness, Socially this fair salutes people of Baghdad, to which those who are interested in books, because they are the essence of culture and knowledge.

 Culturally  this fair comes to fitful the need of people not just Erbil has this rich and luxurious fair, while Baghdad disadvantaged of it, especially this holds the concept of nonprofit work, that will benefit the cultural organizations, universities and academic institutions.

We were delighted to hear about what the fair is providing; latest releases with prices that are affordable for youth and their engagement. Distribution of free books to the visitors along the period of the fair. And discounts reaches 50%. That is in additions to the artistic and cultural evenings and activities during the fair involving Cinema, Music, Art, culture and book signing.

This fair will be launched on the 11th of December, Spring will start before its time this year, with never ending delights; union of Iraqi writers cooperating with Ministry of Culture will gather us in this fair. This  only will widen the knowledge, civilizing and enlightening in Baghdad, this city that did not and will not be Kandahar.

20th Aug 2019

Watariat Jawahiriya Newspaper